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TAS is a UK firm based in Greater London providing fast and efficient Taxation & Business Improvement Services to sole traders and businesses, both large and small. TAS has been operating since 1991 and offers one-to-one support to all our customers to help them understand and manage their UK affairs whether they are based in the UK or overseas. With our commitment to on-going technical training, and providing continuous knowledge and skills updates, you can be sure that we have the answers to your UK tax problems and the experience to resolve them for you quickly and effectively. We can also help you plan to take advantage of tax breaks available to those leaving the UK or coming to work here. Using the industry’s leading tax and accounting software we are able to provide a fast and cost-efficient service to our customers. This also allows us to monitor the services we provide to ensure it meets your needs and expectations.


TAS consultants are technically qualified in their respective area of expertise. All have a considerable number of years experience in their field, covering all key aspects of taxation, finance, accounting and payroll.

Our tax consultant is a partner in a London Chartered Accountant’s practice for over 25 years. In addition, our Business Improvement Consultant is a fully-qualified Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) and had had over 30 years corporate finance experience.


Over the many years we have been in service, we have built up a large client base, most of which are long-standing repeat clients. Our current client base includes many types of businesses including Directors, Barristers, Solicitors, High Net Worth Individuals, Retirees with Pension/Investment Income, Expatriates, Property Rental Accounts & Income Tax, UK and Non-resident landlords to mention a few.

In addition, we have a large number of clients who are Sole Traders mainly from the Construction Industry including all aspects of the Building Trade, Actors/ Actresses from the Film, TV & Theatre Industry, Musicians, Writers, Lecturers, Hairdressers, Make-Up Artists and many others.



  • All TAS Consultants are Subject Matter Experts with at least 25 years experience in their areas of expertise
  • All TAS Accountants are professionally qualified and obtain annual certification for Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Our Business Improvement Consultant is a Chartered Certified Accountant with extensive company finance experience
  • Our Tax Consultant has over 26 years tax experience in a Chartered Accountant’s practice. Prior to that he was an HMRC Tax Officer
  • Specialists in Expatriates & Capital Gain Tax (CGT)
  • We monitor & assist clients with new tax law changes
  • We assist new businesses with difficult start-up stages
  • We assist with HMRC enquiries and investigations
  • We use HMRC compliant software / our services include on-line submission of data to HMRC
  • Free Initial Consultation