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  • ‘It is a great pleasure and relief that you are there to keep a careful eye on our affairs and to make helpful suggestions when necessary’
  • ‘we are both very grateful for all your help you give us with our tax affairs. You are enormously helpful’
  • ‘I am so grateful for your incredibly thorough research and response to this. Up to now, it had been rather a lot like getting blood from a stone, so I really cant thank you enough for your help’
  • ‘great news! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and for all your help, I really appreciate it’‘thank you also for all your work on preparing accounts for SER as this has been a great help in sorting things out’‘I would happily recommend you’
  • ‘my godmother recommended that I contact you about my upcoming UK tax return. I am really grateful for your willingness to take me on, you were recommended highly’
  • ‘many thanks again Peter, all your help is much appreciated’‘thank you so much for writing back so swiftly and for this really helpful overview of what I need to send you’
  • ‘just so glad you are there to help, I would have gone nuts trying to figure this out on my own’
  • ‘I have just transferred £ to you for taxation services. Thank you for all you have done this year and for your considerate letter’
  • ‘I have recommended you to two friends in advance of this year’s tax deadlines’
  • ‘thanks so much, How lucky NW put is in touch. I feel I am in good hands’
  • ‘that’s extremely helpful, thank you. Quick turnaround much appreciated!’
  • ‘thanks Peter, well fielded’
  • ‘I am truly so grateful to you’‘many thanks for your hard work’
  • ‘thank you so much for your sterling work’